You will notice, there are several symbols on your cards!

Therefore, here is a list of the different pictograms and their meaning!

Of course, it may happen that other symbols appear over time and through extensions.

Some cards can have several symbols. When one of them appears on a champion, it simply means that this champion will tend to be using more the actions including this same symbol. NB: Some cards create damage depending on the number of action credits that you have as you use them.

As the proportion of those cards is very small, it did not seem indispensable to create a symbol for that kind of damage.


Physical Damage

The cards including that symbol inflict physical damage.

*The damage referred to as physical take in account your champion’s strength to inflict damage. Usually, cards that inflict that kind of injuries have a less important ratio than the ones inflicting magical damage.

However, a gross amount of damage is added to that ratio; It allows certain cards to still inflict some damage and to be a safe bet while you are fighting!



Magical Damage

The flaming sword’s symbol corresponds to the magical damage’s symbol. By analogy, it is easy to understand that the cards including that symbol inflict damage depending on your intelligence.

Contrary to cards including physical damage, the ones that own magical damage do not include a gross amount of damage. Indeed, the damage that you inflict with that type of card are entirely based on your champion’s entire amount of intelligence. Thus, champions who possess 0 in the intelligence category will not create any damage with those cards!



Damage of opposition

Cards including that symbol inflict damage depending on your champion’s resitance. The damage’s ratios work in the same way as the magical damage do, without any gross amount of damage.

The ratios’ amount of the damage of opposition is the highest of the game. Indeed, the intelligence’s levels are way inferior than the ones regarding other features. However, if you find the right combo, the damage of oppositions can be devastating.



Temporal Damage

Temporal damage is currently the last type of damage. It is based, not surprisingly, on your timer. Thus, it is technically not related to your characteristics as a champion but mostly to how responsive you are while playing.

It possesses quite variable ratios and is usually connected to another feature. For instance, certain cards have their damage increased by temporal damage, others simply have the timer added to their amount of damage. In any case, it is certainly the hardest type of damage to handle.



Physical Protection

Physical protections protect you by using your champion’s strength. The stronger your champion is, the more efficient the protection will be.

The same way physical damage works, that type of protection possesses a gross amount of protection and a moderate strength ratio added to it.



Magical Protection

Magical protections build on your intelligence to help you counter the opponents’ damage. They are in a greater number and more versatile than physical protections. However, they are usually less efficient at the beginning of a game.

Physical protections do not possess any fixed amount of protection like physical protections do.



Temporal Protection

Temporal protections use the timer in order to protect you from any opponents’ attacks. Usually, the faster you play them, the more efficient they are and protect you from damage.

As the temporal damage, temporal protections are very otfen connected to magical or physical protections (but mostly to magical ones!)




Les cartes possédant le symbole d’amélioration peuvent avoir des effets assez divers. La plupart du temps cette amélioration se traduit par un gain de caractéristiques (augmentation de force, soin…). Il arrive néanmoins que l’effet soit différent comme par exemple la Fronde qui a pour but de booster la prochaine action que vous jouerez. 



Cards that possess the cancellation’s symbol are very rare (or rather legendary). There are very few of those cards because their effect is very very powerful. When one of them is played, it simply cancels the card that has been played by the opponent just before.

This effect which is completely different from the others has been transcribed as a symbol on the cards.

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