Malkyrs : Arena Of Eternity

An evolutive and connected card game

Malkyrs studio is a young
French start up that is creating a new type of game, the connected TGC.

It is by combining traditional TCGs with NFC technology that the Malkyrs Studio team, could allow each card to have its own memory and grow as the player uses them.

Founded in January 2013 from the joint effort of 4 students, the project of the arenas of eternity has grown over the past few years and is today an independent studio.

The primary idea of Malkyrs is to join the two worlds of video games and card games, whilst conserving the advantages of both worlds: the physical collections of a TCG and the immersion of a video game.

Each card has a “contactless” technology with a small chip inside the card. This unique memory allows the card to communicate with a computer and reveals the magic of traditional TCGs.

Each card can evolve with the actions of the player. Two identical cards when opened, can become completely different after a few games.

All of these evolutions are stored inside each card. This means that cards can be traded to a friend. The traded card will still have all of its evolutions!

Malkyrs will be soon available in different languages like english, german, spanish.

We will be at the Gamescom in august 2017

If you want to contact us for more information, use the contact form on the right.

See you soon in the Arena

13 + 3 =

“ During your life, you had accomplished many great things, such actions drew the attention of Narkalor, the powerful goddess of death. As you crossed the veil, she appeared to you and decided another fate for you: you will become a prisoner of the goddess’ isle and will fight other trapped souls for her entertainment, in the hope that she one day releases you from your eternal turmoil.“

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