Malkyrs : les Arènes de l’Éternité est un jeu de cartes à jouer et à collectionner connecté et évolutif. Comme tout jeu de cartes, vous aurez besoin de ces dernières pour jouer, le tout accompagné de nombreuses règles spécifiques aux Arènes de l’Éternité.

Le premier set de cartes représente l’édition 1. D’autres cartes viendront s’ajouter au fil des mois et des années sous la forme d’extensions ayant pour but de proposer, au fil du temps, de nouvelles façons de jouer. La première d’entres elles se nomme « L’Embrasement de Maden ».


The cards are essential in order to play.

They form the core of the game and without them you won’t have the means to fight in the Arenas of Eternity. There are currently two types of cards: champions and actions.


The champion card is key to your game. It’s this card that will be highly influential in defining the strategy you’ll use to defeat your enemies. The champion represents you in the arenas. There are several types of champion. From the magic-wielding Glovedils to the intrepid Nevardie with blades as sharp as their cunning, you’ll undoubtedly find one to your liking. Champions have many special characteristics and skills that make their gameplay totally unique!



Action cards are your weapons, and exist in various types. Spells use magic, techniques use force and hybrids… use both!

Actions allow your champion to beat their opponent. Although spells are generally for use by mages, and techniques are for warriors, it’s important to know that whatever the champion, you can play any action card you want, with more or less effectiveness of course…

The cards also have symbols which allow you to see quickly whether they inflict damage, protect you or improve your stats.




Malkyrs: Arenas of Eternity is a card game. It uses some of the existing premises of similar games but also introduces new concepts that you’ll need to take into account in order to triumph over your opponents!


Each of your turns is timed, which means you have to play quickly. 30 seconds is the default amount of time, but this can be modified by card effects or champions during the game. If you let the timer get down to 0, you forfeit your turn and your opponent then plays.


Action points are a reserve that allows you to use action cards. At the beginning of the game, both you and your opponent’s reserves are empty. The reserve can contain a maximum of 10 action points. At the beginning of each turn, you received 2 action points and you spend these points by playing cards during the game.

Just as the timer can be varied, certain cards can add or even remove action points from you or your opponent’s reserve!


When you play a card it does not take effect immediately. Why? Simply, to allow your opponent to react to your action, for example with a riposte or by protecting themselves. Certain ‘instantaneous‘ cards (like shields) take effect immediately, meaning your opponent cannot react to them.


Your cards can be upgraded! During the game, they gain experience. At the end of a game, champions win two types of experience: favours and experience. You’ll also earn experience linked to your account so you can improve your action cards.

In this way, you can improve your champion (and thus your actions) by allowing them to learn new abilities that will surprise your enemies!

Favours allow you to buy relics in the reliquary. These are pieces of equipment that your champion can wear by reaching new levels. Relics can help refine your game style and specialise you during the game.

Both relics and experience are stocked in your cards! Be sure not to lose them, and exchange them wisely – your cards are alive now!


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